A Fitness App that will help you integrate movement into your life
At House of Payne, YOU make the choice.

You can complete your workouts anywhere and at anytime to allow you the freedom and every opportunity to get your movement in.
On the day of your assigned workout, you choose the length of the workout you would like to do. There is the option of lengthening the workout if you find you have more time, as we know sometimes you just get in the zone and want to keep going.
We at HoP understand that although this is an online platform we don’t want you to feel like you’re doing this alone. You will have the support of the HoP community with an interactive Community Wall.   There is also an option to create your own group and complete some of the Challenges with your friends. See each other’s progress and completed workouts and scores, because we believe that the only competition you truly have is YOU but knowing what your friends are doing will also help you stay accountable.


Boxing modules are separated into three different classifications, Boxing Technique, Boxing Combo with Conditioning and Boxing Conditioning. Learn Boxing with Zach and utilise your skills in Boxing Workouts to help you punch your way to your goals.


Join Alix as she takes you through her style of Pilates. Get ready to feel the burn and muscles you never knew you had.
Pilates will help you increase flexibility, strength and give you an increased awareness of your body through movement.

High Intensity Workout

Different styles of workouts to keep it interesting ranging from Tabata, EMOM, Rounds for time and Chipper style workouts.
Record your progress at the end of the workout and share your scores with your friends.

Meet the trainers





Customise the workouts to suit you and your schedule. You can track your progress through the progress screen with measurements, photos.   Leaderboards, Scoreboards and Challenges will help you stay accountable against yourself, friends and HoP Family.

Genuine boxing workouts

Go through Technique videos that will show you how to throw punches, what your footwork should look like before starting your Boxing workouts.
You will have workouts that utilises Combinations mixed in with conditioning, as well as some fun and highly effective Boxing Conditioning workouts to help you build your shoulder endurance.

Workouts for every level

You will choose your level of ‘PAYNE’ so the HiiT workouts are tailored to your level, Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced. This level can be changed at any moment.
In Pilates and Boxing we will tell you how to regress or progress your workout to allow you to keep pushing at your level. There will be some test workouts, which you will repeat over the course of your Fitness journey to allow you to see your performance progress.

Workouts to suit your schedule

Sometimes things just come up and life throws a spanner in the works, here at HoP we have made it easy for you to be able to do a workout.
You have the option of doing an express workout 10-15 mins, standard workout 20 mins or a full workout 25-30 mins.
You will also have access to the workouts you’ve completed if you just want to add on a 10 minute burn at the end of your workout.
We want to make it easy for YOU to reach your goals.

Stay connected with the community

Within the App you will have access to the Community Wall. You will be able to communicate to all the other members and Trainers.
Post progress, workout scores and help hold each other accountable.
A great function of the HoP app is having the ability to create Groups where you will be able to see when one of your friends has completed their workout and get live updates on their scores.
Use the Leaderboard to see how your scores compare to your Group.

Exercise library

For ease of reference you will be able to find the exercises in the Exercise Library just in case you need a refresher.


Access the workouts on any Mobile device by installing the App via Apple App Store or Google Play. Stream it off your Phone, Laptop, Computer or even your Smart TV.
Link your playlist off Spotify or Apple Music to get you through the workouts.


You will be assigned Challenges and Workouts where you can see your score on a Leaderboard with the Community. You will input some measures at the end of the workout to allow you an understanding of where you are currently with that workout. This makes it easy to know what score to beat when you have to repeat the workout! We want to celebrate your wins with you.

New workouts

For the HiiT workouts you will notice that over a 4 workout block that there will be a movement of the week. This movement will be incorporated into the 4 workouts.
You will have new workouts for all three disciplines programmed to ensure you get the most return in the time you have to workout.
Some of the workouts will be a retest workout which means you will repeat that workout to try and improve on your previous score.


All workouts have been filmed to allow you to easily follow from your chosen destination. Thought has been put into making it engaging and different to other Fitness Apps out there.


Track your progress through measurements, upload photos which will be date stamped based on upload date and you can compare how you’re gong by inputting the date range you would like to compare.



Your first 7 days are free. No charge until after your first 7 days.

Monthly and Annual Subscription options offer you the first 7 days free. Subscriptions are charged after the 7-day free trial has completed and will auto-renew at the end of each subscription period.



It’s not always easy to stick to something new, especially if the “something new” is pretty different to your current routine (I could’ve easily said normal routine, but I chose the word current because we are aiming for a new normal, but doing it in a way that will happen over time). Studies have shown…


I would be lying if I told you that it’s always been a big dream of mine to create a Fitness Platform, to share my passion of Movement with everyone. So how did HoP start and why is movement so important to me? Being active with exercise and movement - It has always been a…