Nickname: Menz

HIIT Coach

Growing up I competed at a elite level in Netball, Volleyball, Outrigging and Athletics.

I have always enjoyed movement from an early age, I am super competitive and love to push myself to my limits and also help others around me accomplish workouts they thought they didn’t have the ability to.

I completed my nutrition certificate while still in High School, I went on to complete my Diploma in Fitness and continued my studies with a Bachelor in Sport & Recreation with a major in Exercise Science. I started my Masters in Strength and Conditioning prior to relocating to Sydney from Auckland or else I would probably still be studying.

My motto “if you’re going to do something, go ALL IN”; Be present and give it everything, only then will you know where your opportunities are and what you can really achieve. This is why I use ALL IN as the slogan for House of Payne Training.

For me the attitude you have towards training transfers to all other facets of your life.

Discipline – Being disciplined to stick to your Training schedule, nutrition plan
(discipline to say no to bad food) regardless of weather, motivation levels or work schedule. Discipline creates a habit, habit is consistency, consistency gets results.

Resilience – How do you react when it’s getting tough, and your back is against the wall? Are you going to buckle down, grit your teeth and get through it? Or are you going to stop and give up?

I am honoured to be given the opportunity to help you through your journey and be able to share the type of training I love that keeps me on top of the crazy thing called Life.

Let’s get it Fam