I would be lying if I told you that it’s always been a big dream of mine to create a Fitness Platform, to share my passion of Movement with everyone. So how did HoP start and why is movement so important to me?

Being active with exercise and movement – It has always been a constant in my life. I didn’t find exercise late in my life, there wasn’t a turning point in my life or  a health scare that made me make changes. I’ve always been active.  It’s my security blanket, my meditation, the thing that keeps me sane. It’s always been there to test me, to help me through dark times, it’s a teacher, movement has helped me when I’ve sought recalibration of my life/mood, it has also shown me what I am capable of.

I’m naturally a very competitive person, I love to win, it’s not something I’m ashamed of or shy away from but something that drives me, I am an Aries through and through. What people don’t realise though is what that win looks like for me. Winning for me is doing everything I can to be successful that is within my control. I can control the effort I put in, I can control turning up, I can control the extras I do and I can control the energy I bring to an environment. I don’t stress about the things I can’t control, such as an outcome or a result but I can do everything possible to help the outcome fall in my favour. This is why I don’t have a goal weight or determine my win by that, I prefer performance and how confident I feel within myself…..work hard consistently, you generally get physical outcomes anyway.

For me witnessing someone get through what seemed like an impossible workout, accomplishing goals from not being able to do push ups on their toes to completing 10 in 8 weeks, gaining confidence or just turning up when they said they will is an absolute win for me. I actually can’t help myself but get a kick out of people accomplishing things they set out to do.

I never take for granted the privilege I have had in my life to witness some amazing journeys through sport, fitness or corporate life. I am always honoured to be part of that and makes me so happy when I see the shift in people, that look in their eye when they realise that they truly are badass.

One of the local gyms here, in Sydney, annually put together a competition and I go down and support the competitors.  When I tell you that you can hear me before you see me, trust me I’m not lying. I can’t help but yell and scream and really get behind them. This is who I am, watching people push and keep going through those dark moments of discomfort and PAYNE locker, supporting them through those workouts gives me so much joy, I really love it.

So what better way to share my love of movement, the way I love to move with everyone but to do it on an online platform? I get to share my love as well as watch and support people discover themselves or just be a warrior in their own right. Everyone’s win looks different BUT make sure your win is based purely on YOU and one thing is for certain the team here at HoP will be cheering you on all the way!!