Zach Vickers was born to box. Growing up in New Zealand, his parents instilled a love of dynamic movement from an early age. From skateboarding to soccer, Zach gravitated towards physical activity – but it wasn’t until he ran into school bullies that his father got him into boxing. As fate would have it, Zach’s uncle was a martial artist himself, and showed him the martial arts ropes, introducing him to kickboxing, Muay Thai and more. Zach had a natural affinity for boxing and fell in love with this meditative movement. He continued to train in New Zealand, developing his skills whilst completing a business degree, until the age of 22. He worked as a model on the side, and took this opportunity to travel and work in the industry, basing himself in Italy whilst gaining a reputation for his boxing expertise. As he travelled for work, he visited international gyms around The world renowned for their tutelage and began crafting a practice of his own. Word got out. Zach built his client base, and a loyal international following, before transitioning to full-time training. In 2015, Zach and his partner, Siannon, visited Australia for the first time in a long time. It took one coastal walk for them to fall in love with Sydney, deciding this is where they’d set up home base. Fast forward six years, and Siannon and Zach now have two beautiful children, Navah and Vayah, and an incredible community in Bondi. Zach trains full-time, sharing his expertise with students all over Australia through his business, Find Your Fight. You’ll find him throwing hands with the best on Bondi Beach, spending time with his family or planning his next Harley adventure. Zach’s love of boxing has never waned and he continues to train with the same passion, dedication and honour that has defined his career.